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Let us also glean from the wisdom and skill
of the last successful tribes in the wild.

We invite you to take a peek at our book, which is packed full of newsy information that you could find interesting.

This is neither a diet book nor a slimming formula but rather about what makes us, and the things around us, tick, offering guidelines to help bring us into harmony.

Nature has actually made it very easy for us to benefit
from its abundance with regards to our defences.

A special kiddie symbol marks pages where kids can take
 part as well.

And discover those 40 nifty, quick and easy fresh and
enlivening recipes!

This, my chant - my dance - my message, goes out to all
who search to improve, understand, enhance or simply
celebrate the richness and intensity of – LIFE!



Gorillas’ most favourite Gorilla Grub:
bamboo shoots - flowers - wild celery and thistles

Orang-utans’ most favourite Ape chow:
the durian fruit - fruit - seeds - small birds eggs and shoots




Doctors should lead the fight
against climate change by
adopting a "low-carbon diet"-
which take into account the
environmental impact of food -
encouraging patients to do the
same, experts say in the
British Medical Journal
this week

Cree Indian Prophecy
The Last Iban
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