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This website brings you foods for today and the future!

What are human friendly and planet friendly foods?

My new book Gorilla Grub & Ape Chow shows how you can bring these onto your daily menu to give your immune system a boost as well as that of our Eco system.

Available to buy here!


A practical nature-bound guide through the food jungle.

Check out these rocking recipes - for kids too!

Are there things you eat simply because you are told that they are good for you?

Find our how we can get the fullest benefits from our food. Observe what our immune system has in common with the eco-system, and what they require in order to keep us sound and stable.


This is an invitation to experience healing and health enhancing plant life from the Amazon Rainforest, the plains of South America, Africa and beyond...

What is good for the planet is good for us and vice versa

My quest has been to find the purest, most natural and eco/human-friendly quality products for your well being together with updated and enlightening information.

From food, supplements, books, recipes, articles, updates, info, health and eco issues, solutions - plus fashion and art
and WILD PLACES FOR YOU (real estate).

My definition of “wild” is that which is pure and powerful of natural and innnocent origin.


I have gathered here some wonderful and amazing
that can inform and guide you further

Patagonia Forest  Hymn is this website's theme song - sung by children from beautiful wild spaces of our planet - A song full of hope. Listen as well to the Forest Hymn also by Deep Forest and read this heartfelt dedication that has been written - click on INSIGHT