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Patagonia Forest Hymn is this website's theme song - sung by children from beautiful wild spaces of our planet - A song full of hope. Listen as well to the Forest Hymn also by Deep Forest.

Song of the Baka people of the Cameroon Jungle - such a beautiful and powerful song, it opens up emotions deep inside everyone of us...they have never lost touch with their spiritual side. I pray that someday all mankind will rediscover what it really is to live in a peaceful and natural world, free of corruption, greed and persecution, along with the manipulation of the evil powers that be, so that we can finally be free to live in complete peace and harmony, just like the people of the forest. (Ref: S.T. - YouTube - Forest Hymn - hear full version)

Flash: coconut tree, sunflower with seeds, blueberries, fruity chimp, chía flower, sesame pods, sesame flowers, almond burst, mangoes.

All flowers shown are edible: rose, dandelion, violet, and tarragon.

Beside orang-utan are growing avocados. Beside gorilla is bamboo, its’ favourite food being the shoots, which are a treat for us as well. This plant can help save the planet. It is the fastest growing grass in the world. Its’ greenery capable of recycling great quantities of C02, its’ pulp and fibre for rugged and also soft textiles which repel water and humidity, its’ stalks can replace wood for building and furniture.
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The gecko, like the frog live on mosquitoes and flies etc. and keep them away from us. The ladybug/bird is the most avid eater and destroyer of aphids and the like. The bee is the one most important creature for keeping this planet alive. Without its’ help with pollinating the flora, our planet would have no plants, hence no food. 

Coconut being antiviral, anti cholesterol, and cleansing, is the food and oil of now and the future. Has even proven helpful against AIDS. 

Nuts and seeds should form an important part of our diet

For fascinating information about apes google Jane Goodall.


Linda Messier
www.artistrising.com (Search Brazil)
Linda Messier's painting "Brazil" used for new book cover